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Beyond The 5 Senses

Experience 6 is a Brand Activation Agency that specialises in Brand Building, Marketing Solutions and Experiential Events, focused in creating experiential campaign with a high recall value by implementing out-of-the-box ideas that spans beyond the 5 senses.

The founder of Experience 6 has more than 21 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing industry, during which he discovered the potential of Brand Activation & Events Management. We believe that the key to a successful experiential event is where guests and clients are entertained and still recalls the event even after it has ended. At Experience 6, we coach and instill  the idea to the team of the importance to understand client’s product inside out and to put themselves in the consumer’s shoes to ensure a successful campaign.


Experience 6 incorporates themes, design layouts, event formats, and décor with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific campaign a most elegant, unique, and memorable experience.


Our services are designed to meet your aim and objective and nonetheless to bring glory to your Company and Brand with the most spectacular campaign ideas. Big ideas will not necessarily cost you a fortune. Do look us up in planning the next upcoming campaign for your esteemed organization. Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss further on your requirements and how we can elevate your next Experiential Campaign. 

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